I can take whatever youve got

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I can take whatever youve got

 Latley I have been trying to save xxx sex video download free com up enough money to get my own place. I mean, how many twenty-five year old guys do know you living at home with their parents? Not cool, right? You cant begin to imagine how hard it is for me to get laid!
In case you are wondering I am a single male who works in the construction industry. I make good money, but I really want to move into a nice place. Well, one day at lunch my boss, Adam, and I are talking and I let him in on my problem. Adam, being the kind of guy he is, offers to let me stay with him free of charge as long as I do some work around his place for him.
"That would be great!" i reply.
"I can help you get some things from your parents place after work and you can move in tonight."

Time flies by at Adams place. Just about two weeks have gone by and I have already paintsd the place to earn my keep. That night I am covered sexxxx video ful hd in paint when i climb into the shower. The hot water feels great as it soaks into my sore muscles. As badly as I dont want to, I climb out of the shower, grab my towel , and head to my room. While I am drying off, by the end of my bed, the lights go out.
"Fuck, the power went out" I mumble under my breath.
"Not quite" Adam says with a strangness in his voice.
"Do you like staying with me?" he ask.
"Yeah I do,why?" I respond a little nervous now.
"Then get over here and suck on my dick." he demands.

Now Adam is a /guy/big-guy/">big guy, about six foot four, 200 pounds, and in very good shape, maybe thirty-five years old, tops. All around a pretty good looking man, but I was not gay.
I reluctantly walk over to him, fall to my knees and grab what was easily the biggest dick I have ever seen. My hand starts to gently stroke the flesh monster and to my /surprise/">surprise it grows to at least eleven inches. The thing is so /fat/">fat that my hand was only able to wrap about half way around its shaft.

Out of instinct I lean forward and run my tounge from the base to the head of his cock and then suck it between my lips. Thats when I realized how hard my own cock was. So up and down that /dick/huge-dick/">huge dick I bobbed my head until Adam began to moan and his dick started to pulse. He filled my mouth with an amazing amount of cum, but I didnt want to stop so I just kept sucking. With /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum running down my chin I felt him grow even harder.
"Stand up and go bend over the end of the bed." he orders me. "You are going to enjoy this."

He lubes my tight, virgin ass up with something warm and wet then slips a finger in me. It felt so good to have my butt prodded. Before I even realized it he was working a fourth finger into my little hole. Then I felt the enormous head of his /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock stretch my tiny hole until it popped right in. He began to thurst in and out slowly until finally all eleven inches were plowing away fast, hard, and deep at my soft guts. When he slowed his pace down I knew I was going to get my /creampie/anal-creampie/first-anal-creampie/">first anal creampie. And the hot, full, slippery feeling of all of his sperm squirting deep up my /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass hole made my dick explode all over my bed.

Adam and I fuck dailey now and I /cock/love-cock/">love cock up my little /pussy/ass-pussy/">ass pussy and deep down my throat. He is trying to talk me into letting him and six of the guys from one of our construction sites gang bang me. I dont know though. It sounds scary, but I want it so /bad/">bad...