Wedding night

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Wedding night

I free porn movies download felt so wet and horny on our wedding day. I meant every word of the wedding vows, to honour and ”obey” to ”have and to hold” and I knew you were thinking the same way. I couldn't wait to be alone with you, as soon as we could get away we snuck upstairs to the hotel room.

You full hd xvideo download threw me down on the bed, and climbed on top of me, kissing me in a way that felt so /raw/">raw and sexual, my pussy quivered with longing. I couldn't wait for you to fill me. I ran my fingers down your chest to the top of your trousers, and unbuttoned your trousers as fast as I could, my body aching for you. I gripped your long, /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock with my hands.

My pussy was throbbing harder then ever before. ”Fuck me now!” I begged ”Please”, but you teased me more by making me wait,

”You”re mine now. I can do what I like with you.”

You sat over my face holding the back of my head you pushed your cock in my mouth so it touched the back of my throat. I licked and sucked you up and down as you fucked my mouth harder and harder until you came. I swallowed most of it, but you pulled out of me and came all over my face, I was about to lick it clean but you stopped me. Your cum was dripping all over me.

I unbuttoned my dress, and let it fall to the floor, to reveal a white satin basque, and stockings. Your hands found their way to my nipples, and squeezed them hard. Looking down I could see you were becoming aroused again, I asked you again to fuck me, I spread my legs as wide as I can, and arched my back towards you.

”Not like that” you rolled me over so I'm lying face down on the bed, toying with the tops of my white stockings and my thighs.

Moving me up by my hips and pulling my damp lacy knickers to one side, you grabbed my arse hard, as if I was going to escape. Rubbing your fingers around around my arsehole, and sliding one finger, then another in and out, I moved my hand down and rubbed over my clit. I groaned and you pulled out of me. It felt like forever before I felt the head of your cock pressed against my hole, and slowly I could feel you slide inside me, spreading me until eventually I could feel your balls slapping against me. I shuddered as I felt a rush of heat and pain, but I didn't want you to stop.

”You like that do you, my little slut!”

”Mmm”yes” I moaned You know I'm your slut, you know I'm your slut”

Your cock rammed in and out of my ass, lust overwhelmed me and I lost control of myself. I grinded my hips against your hard cock, your hand pushed down on my back, ”Oh god, I'm coming” the jerks and spasms of an uncontrollable orgasm rush over me. You pumped, and pumped my begging arsehole until I could feel you explode inside of me, your cum was dripping down my face and my legs.

You reached down into your suitcase and pulled out a spreader bar, rope and handcuffs, and said ”I'm not finished with you yet””