Boarding School Sex TrainingChapter 7

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Boarding School Sex TrainingChapter 7

Chapter 7- Rachel Loses Her Virginity

Rachel lay in the middle of a large circular bed, naked, her legs spread wide, Stephen’s legs pushing them outward. His mouth was clenched tightly onto her right nipple, sucking it deep inside, his tongue rasping over her hard and erect nipple, now tender from the continual abuse Michael and Stephen had inflicted on it. She screamed in pain as his large cock brutally entered her virgin pussy, tearing into the unused tract. She looked up at Michael, standing over her head, his naked cock in his hand, stroking it harder, watching as she looses her virginity, smiling, knowing that his turn would be next. 

Michael smiled, he could almost feel her tight, teenage pussy gripping his /cock/big-cock/">big cock when he would fuck her hard, his hand trying to duplicate the feeling. 

Rachel had gone back to her room and had taken a shower, hoping to wash some of the sex from her body. She brushed her teeth before the shower and again after, still not completely getting the taste of cum out of her mouth. It was so thick and salty and seemed to settle in the back of her mouth. She dried off her body, her breasts hard and erect, tender from the abuse that Michael had inflicted on them. She put on a pair of pajama bottoms and a tee shirt and got into bed. She felt her body beginning to relax, sleep coming upon her.

Michael entered her room, the small light in the corner illuminated it gently. He could see her turned on her side towards the door, the blanket pulled up to her neck, her mouth slightly open. Rachel had left his office a few hours ago, but his cock had begun to harden again, thinking of her virgin mouth wrapped around his cock, her hot breath, her tongue running over the head. He thought of how he had held her face tightly over the wwwxxx his cock and filled her teenage mouth with his hot cum and forced her to swallow it. Then she was forced to do the same for Jason while he had masturbated her until she had cum. He needed her again, he needed her to suck his cock again.

Michael silently walked over to the bed, his hand stroking his cock through his bathrobe. As he neared the bed, he opened his robe, grabbing his big cock, his hand fisting it, making it even harder. He stopped by her bed, towering over her, listening to her gentle breathing, seeing her mouth open, making his cock hard. He reached down to the top of the blanket and gently pulled it down her body until it was bunched up at the end of the bed, her naked breasts beneath the tee shirt heaving up and down. He lowered his body down until his cock was directly over her face, his cock beginning to twitch in anticipation as he felt her hot breath on his erect member. He grabbed his cock and began to run it over her lips, his pre-cum glistening on her lips as it left a trail. Her lips quivered, but she did not stir as he continued to play his cock around her mouth. His hands reached down and pushed into the corners of her mouth, slowly forcing a finger in each side, pulling her lips open more. He moved his cock onto the center of her mouth, within her gently parting lips and began to enter her hot, teenage mouth with his pulsating cock, watching as her mouth began to swallow up the head of his cock.

Rachel slept restlessly, dreaming of how Michael had forced her to suck his cock and than made her cum while she was forced to suck Jason’s cock. She could almost imagine the cock rubbing over her lips, fingers pushing into her mouth, forcing her mouth open and then the rubbery cock entering the hot confines of her mouth again. She was suddenly startled awake when she felt a /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock forcing itself into her mouth again, hands tightening on the sides of her face, holding her open for the oral ravishment of her mouth again. ’AAAGGGHH, what are you doing,’ she cried, her eyes opening suddenly, only able to glimpse the hand and stomach of someone standing over her body, naked, but she could feel the cock pushing into her mouth and taste the familiar, but unpleasant taste of cum filling her mouth again.

’Open your mouth, Rachel, time to suck my cock again. You made me so hard thinking about how I had fucked your mouth, I just had to have you again.’ Michael gripped her head tighter, fucking his cock further into her mouth, watching as her lips stretched to accept /big/big-cocks/the-big-cock/">the big cock. Her lips felt like a tight rubber band around his cock, massaging the member. ’Use your tongue, make me /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-your-mouth/">cum in your mouth again, Rachel, you are going to swallow my cum again.’

’MMMGG, not again,’ she mumbled, ’I need some sleep,’ she cried, but she knew it would do no good. Michael had made it a habit to visit her bed when she was asleep and take her body any way he wanted, and tonight it would be her mouth. She relaxed her head and let him pull her down on the cock, it filling her tiny mouth, as her tongue began to bathe the head of his cock, tasting the cum it teased out of his balls. ’GGGGRRRRGGGHH,’ she mumbled on the cock, it pushing to the back of her mouth, pressing up against her throat. ’AAAAHHH,’ she gagged as the thick cock made her choke, it continuing to relentlessly plunge further into her mouth and entering her throat. ’AAAGGGHHH,’ her throat choking again, her gagging massaging the hard cock in her throat.

’Yes, take my cock, choke on it, it feels so good when your inexperienced mouth and throat gags on my cock. It massages it with your silky insides, you’re learning to be a good cocksucker, Stephen is going to be so pleased with you. He is going to fill your hot little mouth with gallons of cum, you’re going to be such a good little teenage cocksucker.’ Michael wwwxxx pulled his cock out of her throat, hearing her suck in a breath of oxygen before he again began to fuck her throat again. He felt her tongue run over his cock, hoping to prevent him from forcing it back in her throat again, but Michael wanted his cock deep inside her, wanted to hear her choke and gag on his cock. He pushed his cock back down her throat again, gripping her head tightly, forcing her down on the cock. He watched her hands grip the blankets as she was forced to swallow the huge cock again, her throat forced open to accept the large member, rasping along her delicate throat until his cock was fully lodged inside her oral cavity. He looked down, her lips wrapped around the base of his cock, his cock buried inside her, pushing aside her tongue to bury itself in her throat. He saw her struggle, unable to breathe as his cock blocked her throat, filling her full of cock.

Rachel began to get lightheaded as she could only get a small amount of air through her nose. Her throat began to spasm on the cock, the coughing and choking making her stomach jerk. She tried to run her tongue over the cock, anything to make him cum faster, but the cruel cock had pushed it aside like it was butter as Michael face-fucked her. ’MMMMMGGGGHHH,’ she cried, the choking bringing tears to her eyes as she looked up at Michael, praying for him to cum.