He had the face of an angel Part 2

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
He had the face of an angel Part 2

We were standing at the front door of his flat, when he was looking for his keys, fussy and nervous. I almost went nuts after that little scene in the train, where he had turned me on like a Porsche engine and had hit the breaks from one second to the other. I was wax in his hands and very nearly begged him to go on when just in time my senses came back. My little darling was not the angel he looked like. But, no matter what, we were both looking forward having a hot night. 

After we entered his flat we lost our temper and kind of attacked each other with hugs and kisses. Not one thought if we really were alone. As he pushed me to his room, he started to undress me. His hands were trembling and I helped him to get off my clothes, which was a lot more difficult than in all that movies I had seen. 

Walking backwards and undressing at the same time is hard work. But we managed. Finally, I was lying on his bed with only my slip and my socks on. He started covering my face with his kisses and I longed for his tongue in my mouth. I stroked gently his head and while our lips united, his fingers played softly with my /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples. 

I couldn’t get enough of him and reached for his ass. I felt his taut butt cheeks in my hands. It was now time to undress him. I sat up an grabbed his shirt an pulled it over his head. His chest was in front of my face. It was covered, over and over with black hair. I dug my fingers in his fur, pulled him towards me and started to suck on his little, hard nipples. He threw back his head, sighed and was holding my head in his two hands, forcing me to go on. I freed him from his pants. The white tight slip hold back his /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick. I almost torn it apart as I undressed him. There it was, his stiff magic stick, surrounded with blowjob porn videos more black hair. His cock was not too long, but thick and his foreskin covered his meaty mushroom. He had two huge hairy balls, hidden in a tight scrotum. As I touched them, a little precum dropped out of his cock and he sighed. 

He spread his legs and my fingers went between them, up through the midst of his butt cheeks trying to find his /asshole/">asshole. I felt a lot of hair and finally I found what I was looking for, warm and juicy. I started to penetrate him with my finger. First one and then another one. 

By the way he moaned, I realized that he liked it very much. With my tongue I pushed back his foreskin and started to suck his /cock/hot-cock/">hot cock. After a while he crawled back a little, crouched down, took my dick and inserted it in his tight asshole. Then he started rhythmically to go up and down. I almost went /crazy/">crazy when he became faster and faster and harder and harder. I felt the hot cream coming up my cock and finally I exploded, right up in his ass. He was right, it was heaven on earth. 

After he had cuddled up to me for half an hour, I felt that he was ready to go on. There was the little devil again in his eyes. He got out of the bed and went to a drawer of his desk. I watched his hot, /hairy/hairy-ass/">hairy ass and I longed to rim it. He took out two small ropes and came back. I could imagine what he had in mind and I saw that it excited him, because when he turned around his milf porn videos cock was already hard. I was on my back when he tied up my hands with the ropes at the bedposts. 

He grinned at me, with angel eyes, but in a somehow dirty way. He began kissing different parts of my body, starting with my lips, working his way down to my pulsating meat, took it in his mouth and played around with his tongue. It was /sweet/">sweet torture, because every time I was ready to come, he stopped, waited a bit until I cooled down, only to start again. He played with me about twenty minutes before giving me what I wanted. He pulled back my legs and after a flash of pain I felt him inside of me, fulfilling my desire. 

’Do you regret coming up with me?’ he asked later with a roguish smile on his face, while we were kissing each other gently. ’No way’, I replied, ’that was a hell of a start and I wonder what else there is to come’. He got out of the bed, went back to the drawer, turned around, again with a devilishly grin on his angel face and said: ’Don’t worry, I’ve got some things in here you’ll love.’ Then he started to laugh and I looked forward having the night of my life with a devil in disguise.