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Islam aims to bring about prosperity to all mankind.  One of the leading authorities on Islam today, Imam Muhammad Shirazi, calls upon all Muslims to adhere to the teachings of Islam in all domains in order to regain their former glory and the salvation of mankind.  These teachings include:

  • PEACE in every aspect.
  • NON-VIOLENCE in all conducts.
  • FREEDOM of expression, belief, etc.
  • PLURALISM of political parties.
  • CONSULTATIVE System of Leadership.
  • The RE-CREATION of the single Muslim nation - with no geographical borders between them, as stated by Allah: "This, your community is a single community and I am your Lord; so worship Me"
  • The Revival of Islamic fraternity throughout this nation: "The believers are brothers"
  • Freedom from all Man-made Laws , shackles and restrictions as stated in the Qur'an: "he (Prophet Muhammad) releases them from their heavy burdens and from the shackles that were upon them"

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