The Subject Index of books written by

Ayatollah al-Udhma Imam

Muhammad Shirazi

Most of these books have been printed but around a third of them are manuscript waiting to be printed. The books are mostly written in Arabic, around 100 of them are in Farsi.

Recently steps have been taken to translate some of these books into English for the benefit of those who do not read Arabic.  

Given below is the English translation of the titles of these books.   As well as presenting the full list of the book titles, the list is also categorised into subject areas, covering more than 20 areas.

Full List of Imam Shirazi's books consists of 1061 titles


Al-Fiqh series consists of 150 volumes Contemporary Religions
Science and Tafseer of the Noble Qur'an Dialectic and Philosophy
The Sacred Hadeeth Rights and Law
Supplications Politics and Government
Science of Jurisprudence Fundamentals Management
Jurisprudence and Legislation Economics
Islamic Doctrine ('Aqaa'ed) Sociology
Islamic Education History
Ethics and Etiquette Memoir
Universities of Islamic Sciences (Hawzah) Miscellaneous