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Islam aims to bring about prosperity to all mankind.  One of the leading authorities on Islam today, Imam Muhammad Shirazi , calls upon all Muslims to adhere to the teachings of Islam in all domains in order to regain their former glory and the salvation of mankind.  These teachings include:

  • PEACE in every aspect.
  • NON-VIOLENCE in all conducts.
  • FREEDOM of expression, belief, etc.
  • PLURALISM of political parties.
  • CONSULTATIVE System of Leadership.
  • The RE-CREATION of the single Muslim nation - with no geographical borders between them, as stated by Allah: "This, your community is a single community and I am your Lord; so worship Me"
  • The Revival of Islamic fraternity throughout this nation: "The believers are brothers"
  • Freedom from all Man-made Laws , shackles and restrictions as stated in the Qur'an: "he (Prophet Muhammad) releases them from their heavy burdens and from the shackles that were upon them"

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